Asisa 2017_01
Cuidado — Care — Prende — Atenção — Cuidado — Care — Prende — Atenção — Cuidado — Care — Prende — Atenção —

In 2017 ASISA changed its commercial strategy. Besides offering health and dental insurance, now they also have Life and Accident insurance. The goal was to communicate that ASISA now takes care of its customers in other aspects of life. 

This was our third year in a row directing an animation campaign on TV for Asisa. With three different international illustrators. We evolve the style of ASISA's communications by looking for new visual resources, like the integration of gradients and animated textures.


Our approach was based in “the hands” of ASISA. The hands of a doctor taking care of a patient inside a medical practice. As the video progresses these hands also take care of the people in normal life situations. Caring and protecting. The camera is always moving backward starting at the window of the practice. 

This year we worked with Karolis Strauniekas, an amazing and talented illustrator. His works mix cinematographic languages with strong concepts. He did an amazing job in a very sort time. We asked him to draw one illustration for each scene, with enough elements for us to create the sensation of the camera always going backward.



We wanted the animation of the characters to be realistic but without looking like a rotoscope. That the weights and curves of the animation correspond to the illustrations: minimalist and gentle. Also, Straunieka's illustrations have gradient textures, so the final composition was very challenging. Check out the breakdown of the scarf scene in the video below.

Our main idea was the concepts of caring and protecting. Represented in the hands of ASISA. First these hands are taking care of you inside a medical practice. As the video progresses they take care of you in normal life situations.



☺︎ Agency → JWT Spain ☺︎ Client → ASISA

St—Coppel → Creative & Film direction ☺︎ Nuria Grajal → Producer ☺︎ Karolis Strautniekas → Illustration ☺︎ Maaambo & Ubalio Martínez → Animation Lead and Composition ☺︎ Javier Ara, Ruben Animator, Asis Merino, Pedro Alpera & Alberto Sanchez → Character Animation ☺︎ Pedro Cobo & Sergio Tomasa  → Composition ☺︎ Margarito Studio → Storyboard  

☺︎ Melania → Voice Over ☺︎ La Panadería → Mix Effects ☺︎ Pablo Parsser & OEO → Music