JWT developed a campaign for the Healthcare Insurance company ASISA. It was based on sharing health tips with the audience. They wanted to create a minimalistic visual universe with few colors and simple shapes, giving all the importance to the recommendations. They called it "Publiterapia" 

Publiterapia — Conceptual & Minimalistic TV Campaing — Publiterapia — Conceptual & Minimalistic TV Campaing — Publiterapia — Conceptual & Minimalistic TV Campaing —


We proposed to build a 3D space to generate a perceptual volume for the flat illustrations. We also used the light of the TV set as a narrative element with dynamic and original transitions to improve the rhythm of the narrative.

This year we worked with Karolis Strauniekas, an amazing and talented illustrator. His works mix cinematographic languages with strong concepts. He did an amazing job in a very short time. We asked him to draw one illustration for each scene, with enough elements for us to create the sensation of the camera always going backward.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.27.49





We produced twelve commercials for ASISA for the national TV campaign in collaboration with the illustrator Magoz. Two different teams, cell animators and 3D animators worked together to create the 3D camera movements supervised by Lanczos. We use the animation language to improve the storytelling and the different transitions between scenes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.32.25


☺︎ Agency → JWT Spain ☺︎ Client → ASISA

St—Coppel → Creative & Film direction ☺︎ Nuria Grajal → Producer ☺︎ MAGOZ → Illustration ☺︎ Lanzcos → Animation Lead and Composition ☺︎ Javier Ara, Pedro Alpera & Alberto Sanchez → Character Animation ☺︎ Pedro Cobo & Sergio Tomasa  → Composition ☺︎ Jorge Liquete → Storyboard  

☺︎ Melania → Voice Over ☺︎ La Panadería → Mix Effects ☺︎ Pablo Parsser & OEO → Music

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